“How wild it was, to let it be”

Cheryl Strayed, Wild

If you’re looking for a blog about those amazing adventurous women that climb mountains or compete in triathlons, then sorry, but thats not here.

I’m Ali, I’m slowly getting closer to 40 and I have a long relationship with anxiety and all the joys that that brings. However, whilst I may not climb mountains, I aim to move them. I write open and honestly about my anxiety, to reduce the stigma around mental health, and to let others know that they aren’t alone.

Me at Porth Curno, Cornwall

I want to promote the benefits of getting out in nature to an individuals well being for those that are too scared to take their first steps, I like to think of it as hill and tree therapy. I use walking and micro adventures to help me maintain my mental health, and I believe it can help others to.

This is my writing space, where I write about my anxious wild adventures, as well as a bit of travel writing, some reviews, and also about my very first big adventure, My Cornish Camino.

If you use Instagram, I’m encouraging the use of the hashtag #AnxiousWild, for those who manage to go on an adventure, no matter how small the adventure is or how worried they were, but they made it anyway. Please contribute to create a like minded community.