Hi, my name is Ali (O) and I am going to go on 42 adventures before then end of 2020.

I decided I wanted to have more adventures, (you can read more about it on my post International Women’s Day 2020). I also decided I wanted to write more. I did the maths from the date I had this idea and figured out there were 42 weeks left of the year, so I came up with 32 adventure ideas, wrote them down on a piece of paper, cut them out, folded them up and put them in an ‘Adventure Box.’

Me, the dog and the Adventure Box!

After I did that, I made some rules up to try and make the goal achievable.

  1. Minimum of one adventure, once a week- no wasted days off!
  2. Some adventures can only be drawn once, but others can go back in the box to be drawn again, (therefore despite there being 42 weeks of adventures, there are only 32 suggestions).
  3. I am allowed to repeat the draw if the adventure is not suitable, for example stargazing on an overcast night.
  4. I have to write about the adventure afterwards.

So this is me, just writing about my adventures, and I intend to go on 42 of them!

*Please note, whilst I mainly write about my adventure mission, I also sometimes choose to write about other things, after all this is my little writing space on the internet and I can write what I want to!