The best laid plans…

Since coming up with my plan to walk the Cornish Camino two weeks ago, I envisioned a lot of things to have happened between now and then. I imagined my days would be spent training, researching, booking things and learning Spanish. In reality, my first week of training was a disaster due to shift timesContinue reading “The best laid plans…”

Adventure 8: Wild Swim

Here’s the thing about wild swimming- on the one hand, it absolutely fascinates me, I can think of nothing more free than swimming in the wild, but on the other hand, I can think of nothing more petrifying! I have never been a strong swimmer, neither of my parents enjoy swimming so as children itContinue reading “Adventure 8: Wild Swim”


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About Me

Hi, my name is Ali and I live in the South West of England with my husband and our cocker spaniel Barley. I like writing about travel, my life down here, our micro adventures and also my latest big adventure, My Cornish Camino.

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