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The Box, Plymouth

When I first moved to Plymouth over 5 years ago I spent some time in the old museum. It was ok, interesting to learn about the local history and it had some interesting artefacts. I absolutely love museums as a space to explore on my days off, and was a little disappointed when the museumContinue reading “The Box, Plymouth”

The 6 excuses that stop me from going on adventures (and how I’m going to ignore them)

I love adventures. I love reading adventure blogs. I love watching tv shows and films about travelling and expeditions. I follow people on social media that are #LivingTheirBestLives. Image after image of amazing people experiencing things that I can only dream of. ‘I’d love to go on an adventure,’ I say to anyone that willContinue reading “The 6 excuses that stop me from going on adventures (and how I’m going to ignore them)”

Haldon Forest Park

I’ve been meaning to go to Haldon Forest Park for a while. When I lived in Exeter I would come here quite a lot for it’s well marked trails. It’s perfect for when you want a long circular walk and don’t want to use your energy reading a map. We are really lucky in theContinue reading “Haldon Forest Park”

The best laid plans…

Since coming up with my plan to walk the Cornish Camino two weeks ago, I envisioned a lot of things to have happened between now and then. I imagined my days would be spent training, researching, booking things and learning Spanish. In reality, my first week of training was a disaster due to shift timesContinue reading “The best laid plans…”

I tried wild swimming

Here’s the thing about wild swimming- on the one hand, it absolutely fascinates me, I can think of nothing more free than swimming in the wild, but on the other hand, I can think of nothing more petrifying! I have never been a strong swimmer, neither of my parents enjoy swimming so as children itContinue reading “I tried wild swimming”


I’m part of an online writing group called Globe Soup Writing Group, that recently held a Micro Writing Competition. You had to write 100 words, either fiction or non fiction, and the subject was Favourite Place. I’ve never entered a writing competition before but I was excited. Worst case scenario, nothing happened, but at leastContinue reading “Gossabrough”

Lands End, Cornwall

One weekend in March, my husband and I found we had a rare two days off together, so we decided to pack up our camper van and go to Lands End for the weekend. Our first stop was Tre, Pol and Pen, a farm shop just outside Launceston, it was a little out of theContinue reading “Lands End, Cornwall”


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Happy in Scotland with a flight of gin

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